The Virtual Reentry Simulation

Step into the shoes of an individual recently released from prison through our Virtual Reentry Simulation. This immersive experience sheds light on the daunting barriers encountered during reentry, including the challenge of securing livable wage employment and housing—a struggle compounded by the stigma and biases faced by individuals with arrest records.

This simulation goes beyond an interactive experience—it mirrors the reality for the 95% of incarcerated Americans who will be released back into their communities, striving to rebuild their lives and contribute positively to society. As you navigate the complex maze of reentry, you’ll face some of the 44,000 legal obstacles that make this journey so difficult.

Our immersive platform offers a window into the lives of those reentering society, enhancing understanding of their struggles and underscoring the importance of policies and actions that enable access to livable wage employment, secure housing, and the opportunity to thrive.

Statistics reveal that more than 96% of employers carry out pre-employment screenings, with many imposing restrictions on hiring individuals with arrest records. This experience aims to underscore the importance of Fair Chance hiring practices and bring users closer to the challenges faced by individuals with arrest records.